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PARticle IMAge VElocimetry and associated techniques


Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) appeared in the world of experimental Fluid Dynamics about 15 years ago. For these last 15 years, the VKI has been active in the development and promotion of this new Whole Field Velocity measurement technique. Apart from some colloquia, it has been necessary to organise practical training sessions in order to foster the penetration of these new techniques: two successive sessions devoted to this topic have been organised by the VKI on own funds in 88 and 96, which proved successful, but induced a significant deficit. Recent advances and improved knowledge in this field ask the need of a new course on PIV.

This session will cover most of the aspects of the technique, from basic principles to practical applications including image acquisition, processing and 3D methods. Associated techniques such as LIF (Laser Induced Fluorescence) and PTV (Particle Tracking Velocimetry) will also be presented. Practical demonstrations will be organised. They are necessary for a better understanding, but both administrative problems and technical staff required will be increased for such a session. At the end of this event, each participant should be able to carry out this method and to optimise its use for his own research.

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Type of Event: Euro Lab Course
This event takes place in rhode saint genese


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