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European Worldview: Narratives of European Life


How the concept a European worldview is worked out or makes sense is only evaluable against the backdrop of the voice of the people of the community itself. Almost never have these voices been heard within their own daily environments, as they reflect and express both local and national concerns. This conference aims to highlight, and place centre, the constructive role of European narratives as a central source of meaning in cultural interaction. By exploring how people tell stories of, and about, central aspects of their lives such as employment; family; sex; health and so on, we will explore how meanings become negotiated within and as part of cultural production and reproduction. Narratives, realised as stories of everyday life in Europe, have an organisation and content which forms an essential resource for not only accessing the ordinary concerns of everyday life in Europe, but also for understanding what the impact of being European is.

The European goals of community and co-operation are differentially realised across a range of nation states. This much is obvious, if not policy. But the impact and understanding of cultural and community norms, worked out, or not, against the backdrop of the European aspirations remains, at present, essentially unknown. This conference is perhaps the first to place this issue within the total European context.

Its core objectives are:
a) To understand national and European worldviews by exploring everyday experiences and actions as they are organised and shaped by intentional states;
b) To study such states as symbolically realised within forms of cultural interaction;
c) To utilise a multi-disciplinary perspective in both standard and innovative ways, to assist our understanding of the ways in which local and European views become expressed and realised as social reality.

Funding Scheme

ACM - Preparatory, accompanying and support measures


Type of Event: Euro Conference
This Event Takes Place In La Londe Les Maures