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Sustainable Systems of Cereal Crop Protection against Fungal Diseases as the Way of Reduction of Toxin Occurence in Food Webs


The proposed project is aimed at maximum attention given by the professional public to minimisation of content of detrimental and health-dangerous substances in grown cereals. The project is focused on approaches of fungal disease control emphasising limitation of a total amount of applied fungicides and minimisation of mycotoxin contamination of harvested cereals. Regarding this point of view, the project is aimed at improving the quality of life along with cereal growing as part of integrated and environmentally safe agricultural systems. The both above-mentioned problems may be solved by disease control that is based on good knowledge of populations of critical pathogens and on current utilisation of all perspective forms with higher natural resistance to diseases.

For present disease control systems, including the so-called bio-production, it is necessary to investigate relations to accumulation of all potential chemical detrimental substances (agrochemicals as well as products of pathogenic organisms) in grain aiming at limitation of their inputs in human food webs. Based on this information models of appropriate chemical control can be developed considering actual conditions. This requires a broad interdisciplinary discussion and interrelations throughout scientific disciplines, which is the objective of the proposed project.

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