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19th Conference on Isoprenoids


The programme of 19^th Conference on Isoprenoids is focused on chemistry, biochemistry , pharmacology and practical applications of natural products that are biosynthetically related to isoprene: human and animal hormones, plant hormones, semiochemicals ("signal substances" of insects and animals), anti-cancer drugs (for example, TaxolR, vitamin D metabolites) and other important biologically active substances, as vitamin A, cardiotonic glycosides, terpenes with anti-cholestemic activity, some alkaloids and antibiotics. Studies on isoprenoids are presented in a complex way embracing techniques of isolation from animal or plant material, structure elucidation, chemical transformations, total synthesis, biochemical characteristic, pharmacology, medical and agricultural applications, chemical ecology. The conference provides theoretical and methodological backgrounds to the natural products chemistry and reflects progress in whole organic and bioorganic chemistry.

Emphasis is given to the following topics:
(1) progress in the analytical methods which allows new approaches to studies on the natural products including studies on the interactions between insects and plants,
(2) new biologically active compounds from plant and animal sources,
(3) new trends in the field of organic synthesis which aim at selectivity of transformations,
(4) biochemical studies that promote molecular modelling,
(5) chemical ecology. The conference is scheduled for five days.

Programme of the Conference embraces the following main activities:
(1) plenary and invited lectures,
(2) oral communications,
(3) poster communications and,
(4) discussions and personal contacts between the participants.


Type of Event: Euro Conference
This Event Takes Place In Jurata-gdansk