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Sequence, Structure and Function of Membrane Protein Systems


A three-day Euro Conference on the topic of membrane proteins is proposed. Understanding how membrane proteins interact with membranes and with each other is of prime importance in biochemistry and medicine, and has many important applications in industry as well. The conference will focus on the sequence, structure and function of membrane proteins of different families, as well as on the general principles of protein-membrane interactions. The list of guest speakers thus far is made up of molecular biologists, geneticists, biochemists and biophysicists, giving the conference a multidisciplinary nature. It will enable invaluable interactions between theoreticians and experimentalists both from academia and industry in North America, Asia and Europe. This gathering will also provide a unique opportunity for young scientists to meet some of the world's leaders in the field of membrane proteins. European researchers will benefit not only from the high-level lectures, but also from the chance to discuss their work personally with leaders in the field, during poster sessions and breaks. The content of the proposed conference is as follows.
Day I: Peripheral Membrane Proteins: Model Systems and Proteins. This will include topics such as the electrostatic interaction of proteins with membranes, mechanisms of membrane translocation of signalling proteins, structure, function and regulation of the phospholipase A2 superfamily and NMR studies of the mechanism of synaptic vesicle exocytosis.
Day II: Transmembrane Proteins: Model Systems and Structures This will include topics such as experimental analysis and prediction of membrane-protein topology, NMR structural studies of membrane proteins, how Pleckstrin Homology Domains function as Membrane targeting devices and prediction of protein structure and function on a genomic scale.
Day III: Structure and Function. This will include topics such as: Molecular biology of light-transduction in the mammalian photorecptor, rhodopsin and site-directed approaches to membrane protein structure and function.

Funding Scheme

ACM - Preparatory, accompanying and support measures


Type of Event: Euro Conference
This Event Takes Place In Eden Inn, Zichron Ya'akov