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Interdisciplinary Crystallographic Contributions to Physical and Life Sciences : Techniques, Analysis, Synthesis, New Compounds


The Proposal Full Name stresses the connection between the three proposed SummerSchools. All topics foresee a varied degree of interaction between academia and industry.
Crystallography is the branch of natural sciences concerned with the description of the detailed structure and the properties of condensed matter in terms of spatial relationships of its constituents, atoms, ions or molecules, in an extended three dimensional array: the crystal.
The impact of X-rays (and other radiation sources) on crystals provides experimental data leading to the description of the arrangement of atoms, which in turn explains the behaviour of matter; where chemists, biophysicists, pharmacologists as well as materials scientists and solid state physicists have become involved in collaboration with crystallographers, the field has been flourishing; in addition, biotechnology and materials companies keep recruiting qualified crystallographers to work in their research laboratories, as their contribution becomes essential when trying to explore the dependence of properties on structure.
The annexes intend to witness how intensely the purpose of past and future crystallography meetings at Erice is to provide (a scientific platform for the younger generation so that they achieve an advancement and exchange of ideas on stimulating topics and front line issues that traverse the boundaries of several of these disciplines.
The official recognition of the multiplicity of aspects covered by crystallography comes from the Nobel Prize awarded in 1985 to H. Hauptman and J. Karle, frequently invited at Erice crystallographic meetings since they were started in 1974: the award was in Chemistry, for their sophisticated Mathematical approach to solve the "phase problem" occurring during collection of x-ray diffraction (Physics) data on crystals.

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