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Nonhuman primates as preclinical models : facility of chronic and degenerative disease in humans 'pcdd'



The Research Infrastructure PCDD at Biomedical Primate Research Centre (BPRC) is located in Rijswijk, The Netherlands and provides a unique possibility to investigate pathogenic mechanisms and new therapies for chronic and degenerative disease in non-human primate disease models. The centre has pedigreed breeding colonies of genetically characterised New World monkeys (common marmosets and cotton-top tamarins) and Old World monkeys (rhesus macaques) for biomedical research. The facility provides visiting researchers the necessary scientific and technical support for the experiments plus the usage of specialised laboratories and animal housing and care infrastructure. Studies of the kind undertaken in the infrastructure provide insight in genetic and immunological mechanisms operating in transplant rejection and chronic inflammatory diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and inflammatory bowel disease.


The research of the BPRC has immediate relevance in the field of therapy development. The permanent aim of the research group is to improve the existing models where necessary, for example by the implementation of clinically relevant diagnostic tools. Via basic research into the critical pathogenic mechanisms operating in the models is potential targets for more effective and safer therapy are sought. The vast knowledge on primate genetics and immunology present in the institute can form the basis for development of new disease models.

Project Manager:
Dr. Margreet JonkerImmunobiology DepartmentBiomedical Primate Research CentreLange Kleiweg 139, RIJSWIJK, Postbus 3306, 2280 GH á RIJSWIJK, The Netherlands
Tel: +31-15-2842687
Fax: +31-15-2843999

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151,Lange Kleiweg 139
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