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Access to belgian collections of interest for biodiversity research


The ABC scheme offers to 120 European researchers, scientific expertise, technical assistance and financial support to access one of the 3 most important zoological collections of the EU. Covering all animals groups and enriched by many databases and a huge biology library, these collections offer, with advanced technical facilities such as DNA-lab or electronic microscopes, a unique opportunity to study some of the references needed in many biodiversity researches. ABC scheme will hereby contribute to reinforce the European potential for biodiversity research and, by facilitating access to new users, will contribute to sustain systematics and taxonomy, the two fundamental biology sciences. By reinforcing the EU audience to Belgian patrimony, ABC project contributes to the sharing of scare resources at EU level. ABC scheme will lead to many publications which are useful for a better understanding of biodiversity, evolution, phylogeny and more globally ecosystem functioning.


Applicants must fill in a form available on the RBINS website and particularly take care to the presentation of their scientific project, their outcomes expected and the object of their visit to RBINS. All eligible application forms are evaluated by a Users Selection Panel composed of taxonomists and scientists covering all RBINS field of research.

Call for proposal

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