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High sensitivity fast field-cycling nmr



Objectives:The objective is to build a prototype instrument that allows to measure NMR signals from samples containing diluted (or low-sensitivity) spin systems that have been exposed for variable times to magnetic field ranging from the earth's field to approximately 1 T. This instrument will measure spectral density functions for biological macromolecules or macromolecular aggregates such as tissues. Spectral densities contain information on the dynamics and mobility of the systems, which in turn are related to their function. To achieve this goal it is necessary to develop 1) a field-cycling magnet capable of strongly polarize nuclear spins and 2) high sensitivity detection systems. The system will allow, for instance, to measure directly spectral densities from all nuclei of protein or nucleic acid samples, and possibly from selected nuclei by exploiting selective enrichment and double irradiation capabilities. The participants include three Large-scale Facilities of the EU in the area of life sciences, PARABIO in Florence, SONNMRLSF in Utrecht and UNIFRANMR in Frankfurt. The fourth participant, Stelar, is the manufacturer producing the only magnet commercially available for field cycling relaxometry. The hardware work will be mainly carried out at the industrial partner site. The three facilities will then carry out the bulk of the testing and validation work (mainly Florence and Utrecht) and preparation of enriched samples (mainly Frankfurt). The three facilities will also closely co-operate with Stelar in software development.

Project Manager:
Prof. Claudio Luchinat

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