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Dhi physical modelling infrastructure


Two facilities are offered, the Offshore Wave Basin and the Shallow Water Basin, respectively. The main use of these facilities is within research on wave hydrodynamics, wave loads and response of fixed and compliant/floating structures. The DHI Offshore Wave Basin is 20 by 30 m with an overall depth of 3 m, and a 12 m deep pit in the centre area. 60 wave flaps along the basin side facilitate generation of realistic 3D seastates. Currents and winds can also be generated. All necessary peripherals including transducers and data acquisition units are available at DHI, together with several models including TLP, tankers and SSCV's. The DHI Shallow Water Basin for combined wave and current measures 35 m by 25 m, with an overall depth of 0.8 m. In addition to the movable conventional type 2D wavemakers, the facility has recently been equipped with a 3D wavemaker. The wavemaker is designed to operate at water depths between 0.2 m and 0.9 m, with a maximum wave height of 0.55 m at a period of 2.3 s.

Researchers groups are invited to submit proposals for either of above mentioned two facilities. The proposal must give a detailed description of the research project, including work programme, names, nationalities and places of work of the user group, estimation on required number of access days (including days for setting up experiment) and when. A more comprehensive description of the programme and guidance on how to submit proposals are available on DHI's home page, where also the application form is available for download.

Project Manager:
Karsten G Nielsen, Agern Allé 11, DK-2970, Denmark
Tel: +45-45169100
Fax.: +45-45169200


Agern Allee 11
2970 Hoersholm