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Carbohydrate based ligands for nucleic acids recognition


Synthetic skills and an understanding of intermolecular interactions are especially important in most areas of the chemical industry. The proposed Network aims the synthesis of carbohydrate-based ligands for nucleic acids recognition. Towards that goal, laboratories with a range of specialties that runs from combinatorial chemistry, synthesis, supramolecular chemistry, bio-computational sciences, and structural analysis of biomolecules and its complexes both in solution (NMR ) and in the solid state(X-Ray ) , will contribute to the multi-disciplinary training of young researches which is absolutely essential for the succeed within this scientific area. Young scientists within the programme will be trained through collaborative research in their own and other laboratories, attendance at conferences and Network meetings, and presentation of their own results. At least 10 will be supported through Network funding, and many others will be involved in the programme. The connection with industry adds another dimension to the training, improving the trainees to better job opportunities and furthering partnerships between industry and academia.


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