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Content archived on 2024-05-15

'technological knowledge and localized learning: what perspectives for a european policy?'


Contemporary life is characterised by the development of the so-called <>. This implies the existence of a context where the generation of knowledge has never been so much in proximity with its economic use. The conditions of emergence, diffusion, and recombination of new knowledge become central issues both in economics and in the economy. This project focuses a specific kind of knowledge, i.e. technological knowledge. Technological knowledge is here defined as the ability to organise, control and combine the necessary technical and non-technical resources that make the firm profitable while facing the instability of science and technology (S&T) opportunities and markets. The objective of the project is to understand the conditions for the generation as well as the profitable use of technological knowledge and to identify the most suited tools implemented by companies to develop their <>. The methodology applied focuses the localised, technical, regional and organisational characteristics that reveal effective to incorporate S&T developments into profitable applications (be products or processes) in a series of selected sectorial case studies in the European context. Such an analysis results in policy implications and recommendations, particularly in the definition of a localised technological knowledge policy.

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