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Multi-Agent Robot Systems for Industrial Applications in the Transp ort Domain


Foreseen Results

During the project, recommendations on practical applications of "multi-agent" robot systems for industrial enterprises will be worked out. The research will lead to proposals for new standards for industrial applications of robot systems. The project will also investigate how to integrate mobile robot systems into manufacturing systems. As a practical result of the project, a multi-functional prototype of a "multi-agent" robot system with corresponding demonstration will be developed. Many important applications for such planning and control systems can be found in industry (material transport in manufacturing environment) and in every-day life (service transport operations in airports and railway stations, warehouses and shops).

Through the proposed intelligent planning and control architecture and the open "multi-level" structure to integrate mobility, manipulation and sensing of advanced mobile "multi-agent" robot systems, the research project will lead to improved operations of manufacturing systems and will have long term industrial and commercial benefits..
The development of an open and flexible multi-agent mobile robot system with a distributed control architecture and intelligent information processing for various industrial applications in the transport domain is proposed. Due to industrial need to create Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS) that can automatically perform complex technological tasks the proposed research efforts concentrate especially on the development of intelligent multi-agent mobile robot systems for autonomous execution of transport operations in a factory. Within the project a generic approach for designing multi-agent mobile robot transport systems for IMS will be devised.

The project will achieve an advanced concept for the development of intelligent, open and flexible multi-agent robot systems, which are based on mobile robots and can be used for autonomous transport operations for industrial applications. The integration of theoretical and technical results, which will be developed in this project, involves advanced information processing and intelligent control methods. It leads to a multi-level control system architecture with intelligent features based on innovative technology as well as on the combination of neural network and fuzzy logic approaches. The resulting multi agent robot systems will have the capability of autonomously controlling and carrying out various monotonous technological transport operations.

Funding Scheme

CSC - Cost-sharing contracts


Universität Karlsruhe (Technische Hochschule)
76128 Karlsruhe

Participants (7)

Belarusian State University
4,Francisc Scorina Avenue
220050 Minsk
Institut National de Recherches en Informatique et en Automatique - INRIA
655,Avenue De L'europe
38330 Montbonnet Saint Martin
Institute for Informatics and Automation - Russian Academy of Sciences
39,14Th Liniya
199178 St Petersburg
Mercedes-Benz AG
70327 Stuttgart
Technical University of Budapest
9,Müegyetem Rkp.
1111 Budapest
Technical University of Poznan
3A,ul. Piotrowo
60 965 Poznan
Ufa State Aviation Technical University
12,K. Marx Street
450000 Ufa