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Content archived on 2024-06-11

A concerted european approach towards the development of amalaria vaccine


To promote a coherent approach to the development of malaria vaccines. This requires focused interactions between vaccine industrialists and scientists in Europe and developing countries, concerned with malaria antigens and with the wider fields which underpin malaria vaccine development. To identify and exploit existing structures and resources to support malaria vaccine develop-ment and to create fora for the regular exchange of information on planned work, progress and results germane to malaria vaccines. To provide a channel for expert advice on malaria vaccine research and development to the European Commission, as well as to other national and international authorities. To develop partnerships amongst academia, the Public Sector Vaccine Institutes and the European Vaccine Enterprises and to promote interaction amongst those engaged in malaria vaccine research and development in Europe and elsewhere.
Expected Outcome

Vaccines are the most cost-effective approach to control of transmissible diseases. The benefit of this CA is in its role in expediting and rationalising progress towards malaria vaccine development and production. Continual discussions with representatives from the malaria endemic countries will benefit the process of malaria vaccine development. Developing countries will benefit from the proposed action, and also from the networks (PVEN and AMVTN) which will enhance the influence of the Developing Country partners on the process of vaccine development.
* The primary core activity of this concerted action will be a series of expert meetings addressing different aspects of malaria vaccine development. These meetings will bring together groups of the INCO-DC (and former STD3) contract holders, other experts in the fields which underpin the science base of a malaria vaccine, and representatives of vaccine manufacturers. The industries and public sector institutes invited to specific meetings include: SmithKline Beecham (Belgium), Pasteur Merieux (France), Chi-ron/ BIOCINE (Italy), Hoffman LaRoche (Switzerland), Swiss Vaccine and Serum Institute (Switzerland), Statens Seruminstitut (Denmark) and RIVM (The Netherlands). Liaison with the European Vaccine Manufactures (EVM) is ensured.

* Assistance tools will be updated and made operational: The Malaria Antigen Database (with WHO/TDR, USAID and NIAID), The compendium of in vitro and smaller animal models (with COST/STD and EVM), the PVEN document (with PVEN) and the "Atlas" and guidelines for field trials (with AMVTN).

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