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CORDIS - Resultados de investigaciones de la UE
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Action concertée pour le développement des centrales d'achat en médicaments essentiels en Afrique Sub-Saharienne


1.1 General Objective

The general objective of this concerted action is twofold, namely:

* to facilitate and consolidate the setting up and the operation of ED purchasing offices in developing countries and

* to improve the general working of the essential drugs strategy

1.2 Specific Objective

The specific objective of this concerted action is to identify the positive and negative political, administrative, economic, legal and technical factors affecting the success of the creation of ED purchasing offices, checking their frequency and importance, proposing possible alternatives, and, if possible, identifying the solutions that have given the best results.
Expected Outcome

Two reports will come out of this work:

1.2.1 Evaluation of the purchasing office problem

This document will consist of two sections:

* the history of central pharmacies and the analysis of the difficulties that are encountered.

* an analysis of interventions to date and proposed alternatives (revitalising central pharmacies, setting up autonomous medical store offices) and the identification of factors of success or failure in each alternative.
The first phase of this concerted action will cover a one to two-year period and consists of the following two main stages:

First stage:

* Assessment of experiences with purchasing offices to date, and a search for a consensus on the priority issues.

* Drafting of the two reports collectively (see par 1.2)

* Identification of research priorities for the second phase of this concerted action.

This first stage will revolve around preparing for and holding a seminar for the concerted action's participants. Resource persons will be invited, as needed, according to their experience in specific areas. The topics that will be covered during this first seminar are given under par. 2 Objectives. Analytical grids will be drawn and sent out to the participants and resource people. The results of the search for consensus will be published in the two documents, while the specific threads of the seminar (the topics) will be published in the form of "questions asked - possible alternatives raised - evaluation of achievements".

Second stage:

Publication of the results of the discussions and searches for a consensus conducted during the first year. Setting up the specific programme of work for the second phase. This second stage will be devoted to different activities conducted in parallel.

* The first is the publication of the results of the search for consensus. Each of the participating countries will be responsible for co-ordinating the publication of one of the strands defined under Specific Objective 1, according to its experience and interest.

* To mark the end of the first phase of this concerted action, a seminar will be held to complete the publication and to assess the results of the first phase of concerted action.

* Finally, the priority will be for the specific work to be done to follow up this concerted action.

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