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A central problem faced when regarding business-to-business e-commerce interoperability results from the wide variety of ways in which e-commerce is carried out today. As long as there is no common basis for interaction between different and distributed e-commerce environments, the cost of establishing new trading relationships will restrict the growth of e-commerce and therefore will significantly block the vision and chances of establishing new global markets and business opportunities. By using existing catalogue systems, PROCAT-GEN has developed a framework that connects key players within the supply chain, provides value added services, and offers searchable, re-usable product information and personalised views of data, customised to suit their needs. The product is based on a fixed, generic XML interchange format (DTD) that enables interoperability between existing catalogue systems that are not necessarily compatible to begin with. It will support information exchange in content rich catalogues, easy access in marketplaces and help transfer data between differing systems, both for today and in the future. Some, of the innovative ideas PROCAT-GEN involves are as follows: -Re-usability of technical information. -Seamless integration within E-marketplaces. Quality Benefit. -Personalised information (localised in content and structure). -Multilingual support. -Integrated services. -Low costs for information suppliers by a significantly shorter and more efficient catalogue production. -Ability to create on-line, CD and paper catalogues from a single source of product information.