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To resolve the impending crisis within European freight transportation and to offer a fully integrated, practical, low-cost and low resource solution to radically improve intermodal freight flows (in time, reliability, performance and cost terms). To optimise overland European united consignment flows within road and rail sectors by establishing whether the concepts of X- MODALL are viable in themselves and to what degree they may be applicable to the development of intermodal freight systems across the European freight markets.

The aims are to enhanced ITC performance:
- to provide the infrastructural strategy and framework for integrated and high performance European intermodal networking;
- to facilitate an open-systems operating environment with particular emphasis on the shipper;
- to specify within a matrix of aligned ITC activities, the technology statement and interfacing protocols necessary to optimise and implement the above items;
- to develop the software components of the strategy, within the networked services, but with open-system access;
- to enable both public and private investment to be applied to specific cells within a highly productive, hierarchical and aligned freight matrix, where each unit of investment is clearly and logistically defined within the network;
- to assist in further developing EC regional policy and infrastructure and through grant-assisted EC funding initiate specific aspects of the proposal - terminal sites, fixed infrastructure, AEI tagging and specific vehicle licensing-to-route.
Specific intermodal objectives:
X-MODALL integrates state-of-the-art tracking and tracing systems within a seamless consignment management structure exploited by novel operating methods for modal and intermodal services. It also looks at innovative vehicle and intermodal load unit design to enable coherent intermodal networking with optimal utilisation of vehicle and infrastructure capacity.

Links with other projects, tasks, areas, programmes, policy actions:

The validation study has possible links with many other transport research programmes, in particular research within DG VII in the areas of Strategic Research (MINIMISE, STEMM, SCENARIOS, STREAMS) and Integrated Transport (FREIA, IMPULSE, IQ) and within DG XIII research projects in Telematics Applications in Transport (EUROSCOPE, TRACAR, MOVE-IT, CASH, ADEPT, ADS, GAUDI, TITAN/2 AND CARME).

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