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Content archived on 2024-05-24

Educator Access to Services in the Electronic Landscape


EASEL will address the standards-based provision of online learning according to the learning community's requirements and exploiting state-of-the-art techniques using pedagogically adaptive content and question and test modules offering integrated student tracking throughout the learning experience. The construction of tried and tested interactive assessment modules is a costly process and thus collaborative effort, resource sharing and outsourcing this activity where appropriate should reduce costs to the educational institution, whilst also ensuring greater comparability between assessments being set across institutions.

To establish how learning objects exploiting the state-of-the-art in pedagogical adaptation can be integrated with the emerging Question and Test specification from the IEEE; To gauge the effectiveness and feasibility of utilising RDF/RDF Schema, BSR and the emerging Dublin Core v2.0 to support remote, cross-domain searching of online resources; To develop and test a course constructor kit, offering access to repositories both within and external to the institution by which educators can rapidly configure new course offerings from pre-authored materials, both using innovative pedagogy-rich resources (exploiting adaptive content and interactive assessment) as well as more traditional resources.

: The EASEL project will explore technologies which can be brought together to offer course constructors an environment in which they can readily combine existing learning objects to create new online educational offerings. This will necessitate access to: (1) Learning Object Repositories, both owned by the institution (or consortia of institutions) and available from third-party suppliers, (2) Predefined Assessment Banks, again both owned by the institution(s) and available from third-party suppliers; (3) A web-based search gateway offering cross-domain access to services external to the institution (eg learning object repositories, assessment banks, digital libraries, museums, online information services, statistical and scientific databases) and (4) A construction kit offering access to cross-domain search facilities and allowing the user to construct learning programmes and discrete modules which can be reused across the curriculum and customised for individual learners. Central to the project is the commitment to exploit emerging standards and provide input to the standards formation process. The IEEE Question & Test working group is currently working on a draft of a taxonomy of interactive assessment styles and an XML schema by which assessment results can be exchanged between the learning object and a management system to achieve tracking of learner progress. EASEL will make a significant contribution to this global effort.

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