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TELEDIMOS is aiming to the integration of a real time simulation platform supporting a wide range of remote intervention applications, using robust control architecture and networking layers. Although the projected TELEDIMOS demonstrator is targeted around a specific type of civil works equipment, the real time simulation, model based control and communication / networking layers needed for this system represent generic components common to all telepresence applications. TELEDIMOS addresses issues related to real time simulation and visualisation technologies, focusing on real time simulation and visualisation for the support of control processes. TELEDIMOS aims the integration of a distributed simulation environment which will support remote robot monitoring and control activities over secure fast network connections. The projected system will support both the lower control / command layers at both ends (Master station and robot) as well as providing layers for network connectivity permitting collaborative work on the operator's level. Finally, from the point of view of wireless data communications, TELEDIMOS contributes to the development of advanced tools for wireless communications used in wireless local area networks, as the project aims to integrate an encrypted local CAN network at 2Mbps.

It is planned to develop advanced real time simulation and visualisation technologies, which will assist the operator in planning, precisely defining, checking in simulation and surveying the execution of tasks to be executed by the remote robotic system. Typical validation tasks will include metal cutting operation using grinders or hydraulic shears, grasping parts using hydraulic grasps, fork-lifting parts as well as performing precision digging in cases of demining. The support of real time simulation combined with visualisation systems taking into account data from the dynamic environment of the remote machine is critical for the precision and the speed of execution of the tasks. The real time simulation system proposed by TELEDIMOS will be integrated as a higher of the existing operational architecture of the distributed control environment, in order to support: real time simulation of the machine and its surroundings at the remote site, the specification and validation of the tasks to be accomplished by the excavator, the prediction of the execution of the validated tasks the monitoring and control of the tasks executed by the robot.

The proposed work will be based on the following development:
- Distributed Simulation-based Control: The operator will be able to specify the task he wants to be performed by the robot system (as, for example, the excavator), to validate and check its results in simulation, and finally to request its execution;
- Simulation environment adaptable to infinite number of robot configurations: Special attention will be given in order to provide a fully parametric simulation environment able to suppor tall kinds of robot configurations, from large scale civil works machines to robots used in surgical operations;
- Working environment simulation: A stereo vision imaging head will be used to provide the necessary information to construct the 3D simulated model of the excavator working environment. ? Integrated user friendly environment The integration of all the previous items into a flexible, highly interactive and user friendly environment that guides the operator from the specification of the robotic operations to their validation and execution is one of the main challenges of this project. Further, in order to validate the development, an integration and demonstration during operation will be made as follows:
- Complete turn-key system integration including a real machine: Networking between the robot and the Master station, between Master stations as well as security issues will be addressed as follows:
- Encrypted Wireless local network connections: Between the robot and the Master station: encrypted wireless CAN connection at 2Mbps will be developed for TELEDIMOS.
- Encrypted Cable connections over fast networks Between Master stations: An encrypted high speed connection (fast Ethernet, ATM) using IP protocols will be integrated and use for TELEDIMOS. Finally, trials and demonstrations are planned for the validation of the development as well as dissemination.

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