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Community Empowerment Network Through Universal Regional integration for the 21st Century


CENTURi21 will revolutionise the way people, organisations, administrations and enterprises seek, use and exchange information and interact with essential services. C21 will develop an integrated and interactive 'Community Empowerment Forum' accessible by 9 million citizens in 7 European regions. The 'Forum' will be a common technological environment supporting existing and new software tools and applications, delivering practical empowerment to e-citizens. The applications will cover a wide range of public and commercial services. Access by citizens will be by home/work PC's, digital TV, public access terminals, mobile or fixed devices. The project will lead and stimulate citizen participation, provide personalised information space and enable creation of community applications. Public-private partnerships will ensure long-term community benefit, sustainable commercial exploitation and potential development of competitive world products.

To develop an integrated Community Empowerment Forum which promotes the widespread use of electronic services by E(U) citizens and stimulates: - citizen-led development of community applications - partnerships between communities, Local Administrations and the private sector - an integrated range of accessible services for communities - more efficient, accessible and self-sustaining community networks With the aim of achieving across CENTURi21 Member States an above average: - proportion of citizens successfully using community on-line services - range of public services available electronically - citizen participation in service developments - streamlining of service delivery between administrations and citizens - creation of new commercial organisations.

The CENTURi21 project will demonstrate how a wide range of public and commercial services can be integrated within a common technological environment. It will build a multi-sector platform and demonstrate its interactive use in citizen, community and commercial environments across local, national and EU boundaries. The 'vertical' applications to be addressed include: - Social Services information and management of care service delivery - Tourism information and reservations - Adult and community education, including life-long learning - Participation in democratic processes - Commercial community-based applications (particularly SMEs) - Integrated and interactive access to public service information from local to EU level. The applications will be linked with 'horizontal' support tools and processes: - 'community builder' tools for dynamic application development - e-commerce engines - authentication and identification tools - facilities for user customisation, with self-adaptive personalisation logic - managed personalised information space and multiple community membership - business processes and marketing (particularly for SMEs) - user-friendly intelligent information search engines. The CENTURi21 electronic forum will be designed for ease of use with access via PCs, digital TV, public access terminals, mobile or fixed devices. The user will be able to reach 'up' to EU level for information and services, and have integrated access to the network of communities to which each user belongs. The formation of public/private partnerships will maximise commercial sustainability, and reduce bespoke implementation.

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