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Mass Market E-commerce Services Using Multi-language Natural Spoken Dialogues


The project is researching methods to extend the spoken human language technology capabilities of advanced mass market e-commerce services beyond their current capabilities for information provision into transactional services which are revenue generating and into customisable services where citizens can tailor the user interface to their own requirements.
Working in German, English and Italian, customisable e-commerce services are being developed for the financial services and travel industries.
The project is also addressing the specification of interface protocols and API drivers for interfaces between spoken HLT and HML Web resources such as enterprise databases.

The objectives of the project are to create advanced spoken HLT user interfaces which offer transactional and customisable user interfaces for mass market telephone-based consumer applications in the financial services industry and in the travel industry in Germany, UK and Italy. The work will extend to definition of interface standards for mass market to internet (HTML) data via spoken HLT systems.

The milestones of the project include creation of a spoken HLT demonstrator and Design Guide, Case Studies and a group of reference sites throughout Europe where other European companies will be welcomed to view the power of advanced spoken HLT technology and to learn how it can benefit their own enterprises. These aspects of the project will serve as key contributions to the concertation efforts of the IST Programme.

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