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Content archived on 2024-05-27

Migration of Image Generation and Registration Authoring Tools to the Open Resources of JPEG2000


Interoperability and the goals defined by the European Commission make it essential that content creation Authoring Tools comply with the new standards. For still pictures, JPEG 2000 will be soon adopted to replace the popular current JPEG. Its new features reflect the most recent user's requirements.

MIGRATOR 2000 addresses image bank content creation, in terms of management and personalisation, taking advantage of JPEG 2000 functionalities, with a new line of Authoring Tools - new compression algorithm based on wavelets - image resolution and/or quality scalability - static and dynamic region of interest coding and decoding - error resilience method for wireless transmission - content protection through registration and watermarking.

The objectives of MIGRATOR 2000 are many, but the convergence is toward defining and developing all the tools that integrators need to build applications. Each of the JPEG 2000 new functionalities need new software modules and user interface: such is the case for ROI, the access to Region Of Interest, which can address both the user when deciding on a detail to be displayed (e.g. art work examination) or the creator of the digital image who wants to put the emphasis on certain areas in the image (e.g. medical applications).

While keeping in mind the necessary protection of IPR, MIGRATOR 2000 aims at the largest dissemination of contents of the created image banks, through the internet for example. Metadata, the associated data to the image, will also be classified and registered together with the "essence", which is the image data, into a single file format.

Work description:
The MIGRATOR 2000 consortium is made of major actors in the definition and the development of JPEG 2000, bringing a background of many years of experience in design as well as on applications.

The following tasks describe a content of the project to reach the objectives defined above:
.establish and disseminate the state of the art and standards on still pictures
.create all software modules to comply with JPEG 2000 new functionalities, including viewers
.integrate the modules into a complete Authoring Tool
.test the Authoring Tool in a large scale migration of digital image archive to JPEG 2000
.disseminate the modules for integrators to build their own applications
.disseminate all viewing modules for JPEG 2000 compliant image files.

M1: specification document delivered by mid-2000 when the JPEG 2000 features are frozen.
M2: delivery of an application using the new functions in beta version end of 2000.
M3: feed-back from the first selected users, after 3 months in 2001 to complete the final version of the software package.

As a result of the project, basic modules will be publicly available for integrators, while partners who have shared the risks and signed the contract will have a complete Authoring Tool.

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