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Content archived on 2024-05-15

Distributed Automotive Safety System


The project BRAKE develops a new open system architecture to allow interoperability and portability of safety critical automotive real-time systems build by multiple suppliers and by multiple technologies. The modules are distributed over a cluster of networked embedded control units to build up a vehicle-level system control strategy. No longer a system is controlling just a part of the car, but approaching chassis control the global vehicle behaviour is the control target. Now communication links within a control unit (extended OSEK) and between control units (reliable bus) will have to encapsulate faults within the modules. A global vehicle modelling and simulation approach is used to co-design and co-verify the deliverables of this project in a virtual environment. The architecture is proven in the realm of a brake-by-wire system with strong safety demands. A demonstrator vehicle will prove the correctness of the architecture and the tools.

Failure tolerant features in automotive systems have to become part of global automotive control system. The innovative approach of a distributed architecture, addressed under this project, yet is quite challenging, but offers a promising possibility. The advantage is an improvement of safety and an increase of functionality, but also a reduction of cost.

In this view the objective of this project is to deploy micro-electronics technologies to enable an advanced distributed Brake-by-Wire system comprising:
- An innovative distributed fail-safe system at vehicle level
- Electronic devices enabling this application
- Expanding an existing OSEK based OS for a distributed time triggered architecture
- Defining an open interface in-between car system control, brake control modules, and brakes.

Work description:
The project will cover four major areas of work:
The project will achieve its objective by means of the following major results:
Distribute a control over multiple subsystems at vehicle level;
Enable vehicle control by defining an open interface in-between subsystems;
Provide a safety architecture based on system distribution;
Validate a distributed system through vehicle level simulation;
Expand an OSEK operating system to provide a distributed operating system;
Consolidate a communication scheme to link distributed systems;
Develop software tools and hardware devices to support system distribution.

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