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Content archived on 2024-05-27

Customer Care Relationship Support Office


The CARUSO project will develop a support tool that facilitates relationship management throughout the consumer-supplier network. It will help the Community's SMEs to cope with the challenges of the continuous globalisation of the markets that demands a different focus and scale in customer care and relationship management. The modules from each partner will be merged into a toolbox that provides a customisable user interface, customer care and relationship applications and basic technologies. SMEs with naturally limited resources will benefit from the highly integrated and user-friendly CARUSO platform. Consumers will be enabled to actively contribute to shaping products and services as a valuable partner in the life cycle management process (incl. sales, marketing, and maintenance). The CARUSO project will enable low qualified people to quickly integrate or re-integrate into the business process, facilitate flexible working models and teleworking.

The main objective is to build and ensure high quality supplier-consumer relationships. It will help SMEs of the European Community to succeed and grow in an increasingly competitive global marketplace by maintaining and constantly increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty in a progressive and economical way. The core features of CARUSO will provide management and control tools to monitor and improve market competitiveness. An anticipated goal after the project completion is to sell more than 500 standardized packages in 5-6 years.

Work description:
The development process will be split into 3 phases:
- The first will be dedicated to the generic design of the CARUSO model incorporating latest software and communication architectures. This will enable the identification of software components that need to be developed.
- In the second phase (workpackage 5-7) the prototype will be developed and implemented into the existing software environment and business organisation at the test bed. The result of phase two will be the improved CARUSO tool package, which can be generalised for the European SME market.
- Phase three (workpackages 8-9) will perform the final desktop validation and start exploitation and dissemination.

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