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Content archived on 2024-05-18

Global Enterprise Network Support for the Innovation Process


The project is a trial, whether and how process management can be applied to innovation processes (and more specific new product development and concurrent engineering processes) reflected in the project name: Global Enterprise Network Support for the Innovation Process (Genesis). The natural orientation for the development of process methodologies for the years 1994-1999 has been logistics processes in high tech industries. In the meantime most technology firms have achieved strong efficiency gains in logistics process and start shifting focus towards systematically re-engineering their innovation processes, for which methodologies by and large lack. Backed by market research and our early experience, we are convinced that the consortium's process method (VSD) provides a valid basis for systematic new business development with small adaptations. This industry trend is likely to create a valuable exploitation opportunity for the method. The Genesis-Trial aims to test the developed methodology in a telecommunications settings for application in new business development/co-development from inside dynamic networked and virtual organisations.

It is the objective of the proposed project to apply their process method to innovation processes (and more specific new product development and concurrent engineering processes). Members of the consortium have developed this method in earlier projects under the name Value System Designer (VSD). As found during the TELEflow project and stemming from an idea developed in the REWARD project and confirmed by literature, virtual organisations are best suited to generate wealth through innovation both for the participating firms and for society. However, new business development processes are even more difficult to operate and engineer than normal business operations (Teece, Pisano, Shuen, 1997). The business challenge of the user firms is to increase the productivity of the new business development process. We expect similar efficiency gains (time, quality, cost) in the innovation process as BPR has produced in logistics processes. More detailed process maturity metrics will be developed for the trials as a major contribution of the project, e.g. the increase of the rate of completed innovation projects from all projects started; the increase of achieved co-ordination among parallel projects in a program, lead-time reduction of innovation projects, and efficiency gains of resources used.

Work description:
The VSD provides a consistent and supportive methodology for the design of the virtual organisations and their networked logistics processes (Katzy, Obozinski, 1998). We take it as a starting point for the re-engineering of new business development/co-development processes. Genesis therefore aims to define and test in trials strict business targets in terms of productivity throughout the design of networked innovation processes, for which extended measurement systems will be developed and used. Testing and comparing a small set of virtual organization allows measuring productivity against accepted benchmarks and against each other business cases. Genesis shall detail an evaluation of the technological and economic benefits of the innovative use of the new version of VSD for a) new business development/co-development organisations in b) high technology industries. In order to exploit synergies, to accelerate wider adoption and to overcome barriers for exploitation, Genesis is set up to disseminate results in a dedicated Lab for virtual enterprises available at CeTIM and to exchange experiences across borders and industrial/service sectors by participating in several cluster activities.

Furthermore Genesis will actively discuss the results with venture capitalist and a potential user board to ensure successful exploitation.
WP1: Case Selection and Measurement Protocol
WP2: Conduct Business Case
WP3: Measurement and Evaluation of Results
WP4: Cross Case Settings Learning
WP5: Broad Dissemination and Use of Results
WP6: Project Management

The concrete results from the Genesis project are: A comparable set of business cases of joint business development / co-development with tested and validated innovation processes. Measurement procedures for enhanced evaluation ((business targets) of innovation processes. Documented best practice of new business development/co-development. Broad dissemination of the results in the demonstration laboratory for virtual enterprises, in academic and business community to ensure future exploitation of the results.

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