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Content archived on 2024-05-24

Opening Administration Information Systems to Citizens


VISUAL ADMIN focuses on the needs of public administration services to offer more visibility on their activities to administered citizens and enterprises. This implies both offering a portal to information systems of the administration and supplying a customer, i.e. citizens and enterprises, oriented perspective. The VISUAL ADMIN online service will combine :(a) the 1-step shop logic for getting access to administration's back-office services, (b) the CRM philosophy to improve quality and friendliness of service, and (c) intelligent user interaction on mobile multimedia equipement. The solution will be implemented in 3 pilot environments (France, Italy and Poland) for groups of local authorities. For almost one year, service penetration, usability and usefulness will be monitored in order to assess and adjust the services.

VISUAL ADMIN will result in a better way for government services to serve citizens and businesses through an online portal service. This online service offers a Web environment where customer information will be organised and stored temporarily to provide customers with a global view of information relevant to them. It will also organise the flow of information between services and IT applications for handling customers' cases. It will finally act as a Portal for getting access to other online information services provided by the administration. The online service will thus combine: (a) The 1-step shop logic for getting access to administration's back-office services, (b) The CRM philosophy to improve quality and friendliness of service, (c) Intelligent user interaction on mobile multimedia equipment for E-GPRS and UMTS.

The project will first identify and analyse user needs and constraints. The methodology used for collecting information will rely on the techniques of Interviews, Surveys, and Focus Groups. The primary user group to be targeted by the project will include (a) government services, and (b) citizens & enterprises they serve. Then the VISUAL ADMIN platform will be specified, designed and developed. It will offer an online environment pertaining: - Accessibility services enabling access through a web browser or a future generation mobile multimedia equipment controlled through voice- A Customer service that ensures that customers interact as easily and efficiently as possible with the public administration through a single entry point- IS Communication facilities to control access and integration with other information systems (databases, legacy, information services) of the administration- Service management to guarantee security and data privacy while enabling the monitoring of customer behaviour. For validation purposes, pilot operations will be run with groups of local government services in France, Italy and Poland. Implementing VISUAL ADMIN for each pilot region requires supporting the government services with technical consultancy, training and further assistance services. In this context, VISUAL ADMIN will be assessed with respect to Service penetration, usability and usefulness. Finally, dissemination, market assessment and implementation planning will be performed for both the VISUAL ADMIN platform and services.


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