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Dependability Development Support Initiative


The goal of DDSI is to support the development of dependability policies across Europe. The overall aim of this project is to establish networks of interest, and to provide baseline data upon which a wide spectrum of policy-supporting activities can be undertaken both by European institutions and by public and private sector stakeholders across the EU and in partner nations. By convening workshops, bringing together key experts and stakeholders in critical infrastructure dependability, DDSI facilitates the emergence of a new culture of trans-national collaboration in this field, which is of global interest, and global concern. In order to make rapid progress in the area, the outcomes of the workshops as well as the information gathered in order to prepare for the workshops will be actively disseminated towards a wider, but still targeted community of interest, including policy makers business decision makers, researchers and other actors already actively contributing to this field today. The outcomes of this 18 month project will be: a network of experts and stakeholders; a clear "bottom line" in terms of information on the current status (status reports), policy road maps on 4 elements, the outcomes of the 4 workshops, and a web site making all this information accessible to a wider audience and for use of future actors in this field. The inclusion of the Swiss Company Ernst Basler + Partners Ltd. as a partner is being finalised.

The objective of DDSI is to support the development of dependability policies across Europe and across sectoral boundaries. It aims to establish networks of interest, to provide baseline data and to develop policy roadmaps. These products will support policy-supporting activities by European institutions and by public and private sector stakeholders across the EU, in Accession States and in partner nations including the USA.
DDSI therefore directly contributes to the European Community policy initiative eEurope, and in particular its Action Line "Stimulating public/private co-operation on dependability of information infrastructures (including the development of early warning systems) and improve co-operation amongst national 'computer emergency response teams". It also directly supports the European IST Research Programme's aim "to realise the benefits of the Information Society for Europe both by accelerating its emergence and by ensuring that the needs of individuals and enterprises are met".

Work description:
DDSI does not stand-alone. As part of the IST Programme the project will both draw upon existent IST projects and will feed into the wider IST RTD community, in particular the DEPPY Forum. DDSI aims to support the development of dependability initiatives by initiating and facilitating work group activities bringing together targeted communities of interest, both private and public, on a platform for joint learning and agenda setting that will stimulate policy development, awareness and new research and development activities. The IST RTD Community will be actively invited to contribute to and to benefit from DDSI. The core of the project involves creation of robust and sustainable communities of interest involving policy makers, infrastructure stakeholders and dependability experts. The project aims to involve targeted communities from EU Member States, Accession countries and experts from across the world, with a particular emphasis on the USA (WP3).

In order to make this interaction possible and fruitful the platform will be supported by the following activities:
- conceptual, contextual and comparative overviews of key public policy issues and global benchmarking as a basis and guide for understanding and agenda setting (WP1);
- thematic policy roadmaps, translating the current state-of-the-art into practical information to feed the policy debate (WP2);
- an accessible knowledge base of high quality to support informed decision making by companies, public authorities, politicians and citizens (WP4);
- a mechanism to support interaction, information exchange and global and public outreach (WP5).

In order to attract information and knowledge from both RTD projects and other experts in the field, DDSI will create and maintain a knowledge base that is excellent in itself, with links to the most up-to-date information available related to dependability, e-trust and confidence. Feedback obtained from outreach activities will lead to iterations that will add to the quality and quantity of content contained in the knowledge base. By becoming an internationally renowned Centre of Excellence which adds value to existing sources by incorporating information on best practice and freely providing information on facts and trends, DDSI aims to maintain this source and support further working group activities even after the lifetime of the project.

Major milestones are the kick-off meeting (start of the project), the Road Maps and the Status Report that will be input to the Workshops, the Workshops themselves, the Public Conference and the final report of the project.
Expected results are the first time emergence of a promising international network of experts and stakeholders, a world class web site an critical information infrastructure dependability, and a "current status" overview of policies and issues in all member states and in the first tranche accession countries, benchmarked against other nations including the USA.

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