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Dependability Development Support Initiative

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Cyber agency for cyber crime

The fast paced evolution of technology gives the world we currently live in an interesting flavour. Because of the complicated network of information systems upon which we come to rely on more and more, it also presents a serious security risk. Cyber crime has the potential to be more devastating than most other human created catastrophes.

Digital Economy

Networks that extend across the globe, interlacing millions of people with hundreds of thousands of institutions, functions, services and interfaces present one area of interest cyber criminals find highly tempting. The potential devastation a single malicious intrusion could cost millions of Euro in damages and even the possible loss of life. The European Commission undertook the development of a task force to evaluate and to counter the threat of cyber criminal activity. The threat takes the form of attacks on computers and computer systems that could cause damage to their operability. The DDSI (Dependability Development Support Initiative) formulated by the Commissions' DG-Information Society branch is an international "think-tank" designated to formulate policy for and to create a viable roadmap to counter cyber crime. While the DDSI identified that cyber threat activity is growing exponentially and also highlighted many of the weakness of European networks, it voiced the opinion that Europe had a long way to go before effective measures across the board could be standardised. The establishment of the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) followed these findings. Part of ENISA 's mandate is informative in that it will provide advice for, raise awareness of and coordinate efforts on cyber crime breaches and the damage they could cause. The agency will also be actively involved in applying the Common Criteria standards to ensure that the appropriate levels of security are applied to new products and services created by European companies. By ensuring better standards, the EC ensures better business activity through providing secure, stable and standardised platforms on which future e-commerce activity is encouraged. ENISA plays therefore a key role in promoting security both in Europe and across the globe. Government and industries have welcomed it across the world as an agency that provides some sense of security in a world market environment ever increasingly interactive, inter-dependant and global.

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