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3D Ontology-Based Web Search Application


Original research objectives

The task is to adapt the existing prototype to the needs of professional users, to introduce it into their knowledge management processes and to evaluate it, based on this adaptation and introduction. The goal is to learn how to further develop the application and to produce a marketable version. The main issues for this project will be usability, further adaptation of the artificial-intelligence-based tool, ontology handling and cross-lingual search. The prototype will be evaluated to see if the presumptions of the development until now where correct or if some adaptations need to be made. This includes the features, the usability of the 3D interfaces, the qualities of results, which are represented, the amount of data to be included in the system, and the working with ontologies. Part of the proposal will be the development of new benchmarking indicators for validation of the system in cooperation with the users.

Expected deliverables

D1 Evaluation report of existing prototype
D2 Project Presentation
D3 Two Specifications of the system for the users' needs
D4 Benchmarking Plan
D5 Customised system - 1st prototype, system documentation
D6 Review: evaluation and benchmarking report
D7 2nd prototype, final system documentation
D8 Exploitation plan
D9 Final report
D10 Annual Public Report.
The prototype which existed before project start was evaluated and adapted on basis of the evaluation by the two user partners. In the actual status, it is possible to produce a marketable version in very short time. Targets for further development have been defined, and the planned main issues have been fulfilled in the project: The usability of the system has been tested and increased, the AI-based tool has been introduced into the ontology-building process, the ontology handling has been further improved and cross-lingual search capabilities have been introduced. Improved search features have been realized (language selection, ontology streaming, configurable filters, database search), the usability of the 3D interfaces has been strengthened (plug-in free interface, navigation, configurable skins), the result filtering has been enforced, and the working with ontologies is better now (use of big ontologies, topic map format, ontology streaming, multilinguality).

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