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Second Network on Artificial Olfactory Sensing


This proposed Network of Excellence (NoE) is envisaged to constitute a three year European forum operating around the general topic of artificial olfaction, where an intense exchange of information is promoted through workshops, meetings, schools and exchange programs. It will continue the successful efforts of the NoE NOSE (Fp4 ESPRIT 29526).
It is intended to improve the effectiveness of European R&D in artificial olfaction technologies and in particular electronic noses (EN).
It is a forum for information exchange between users, researchers, developers and producers of devices and systems. The network is considered an active system disseminating information, suggestions, and motivations for the development of future instrumentation able to sense perceivable odours or hazardous and non-hazardous gaseous mixtures of chemical compounds. Measurable outputs will be utilised in a variety of application fields.

Activities include:
- surveys of R&D actions and the requirements set by end-users' applications to provide guidance for planning and co-ordination of research;
- distribution of information using the WWW, publications, and member newsletters;
- operation of educational events e.g. schools and training for equipment users;
- organisation of international workshops on technical topics and R&D for artificial olfaction technologies;
- co-organisation of international scientific conferences on artificial olfaction and related topics including exhibition of manufacturers of EN's, sensors;
- training initiatives for equipment users, developers and students by exchange programs;
- enhancement of standardisation, development and advice on hardware and process standards.
NOSE uses the Internet as the core of its communications strategy allowing efficient, transparent dissemination of information and interactive communications.
Information will continue to be disseminated through a central web server that includes:
- a review of technology that helps highlighting available resources to the NoE participants;
- a website tutorial on technology;
- a secure raw data exchange platform;
- guidelines and overview on standards for artificial olfaction instrumentation and procedures.
This network co-ordinates a large community that includes industries, universities and public research institutions.

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