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Intelligent Knowledge Assets Sharing and Trading


The proposed use of INKASS at TWI will be to enhance sharing of TWI’s information and knowledge among its global network of customers. Specifically, INKASS could be used to launch a new product for TWI, namely expert-mediated information packages. This would comprise: - Use of the INKASS ontology and CBR searching to match the right information to the user’s query specification. - Use of the INKASS workflows to allow online interaction between the customer and relevant TWI expert(s), where the web content found during the search phase is analysed and interpreted in the context of the customer’s usage situation. - The web content and the expert analysis is combined to produce a saleable exper-mediated information package and the INKASS transaction handling/contracting functionality would be used to effect the sale of the package. Expert-mediated information packages are seen as more value-added and therefore attractive to customers than a straight sale of content on a pay-per-view basis. More information on the INKASS -project can be found at:
According to IDC report “Worldwide Knowledge Management Software 2004-2008 Forecast: Access is the Key to Growth”, the Knowledge Management (KM) market is bearing offerings with new functionalities at a rapid rate. Specifically, the report notes: “emerging markets that demand further attention include knowledge exchange software that creates a means for corporations to offer knowledge as a product to internal and external customers. Such platforms can be used to enhance B2B sites, to enhance new B2C sites, or to facilitate the dissemination of knowledge within a corporation”. The INKASS solution belongs to the category of knowledge exchange software and it specifically targets B2B knowledge exchange marketplaces. INKASS supports both private (one-to-many models that reflect a company developing its own e-marketplace to support its own customers) and public (many-to-many models, typically hosted by a neutral intermediary) marketplaces. Moreover, a key competitive advantage of the INKASS solution is that it supports collaboration among participating parties in a marketplace. More information on the INKASS -project can be found at:
The system developed for Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) provides information for a company interested in making business in a specific country (export/import, create a subsidiary or new company, build a plant etc). The company can find information on the political and business environment in the specific areas of its interest and at the same time be informed of the trade missions/events already organized or being planned for the country (together with contact points of experts already in business there), of the companies participating in missions that were received in Greece and of fairs, sampling visits or other important events in which it could participate. More information on the INKASS -project can be found at:
Planet aims to exploit the INKASS system through two service offerings that have been piloted during the duration of the project: - “Problem diagnosing”, which aims to cost-efficiently help companies identify and formulate the problem they are facing and; - “Option planning”, which aims to offer to companies the possibility to purchase the specific consulting products they need, instead of purchasing a complete and more expensive consulting engagement. The target audience for Planet’s marketplace is: - SMEs that cannot afford traditional consulting services The main service area targeting SMEs is Human Resource Management services. Such services are currently attracting attention by SMEs in view of increased unemployment and workforce mobility Services such as “head-hunting” or training are often outsourced to SMEs, driving a boom in the sector as more SMEs see an opportunity to enter this market. However, because such HRM services firms are more often opportunistic- based and do not necessarily have a well-rounded HRM know-how nor a long experience in the field, we estimate that they could take advantage of the HR knowledge assets offered on the INKASS marketplace. This material can be also useful to SMEs, which do not have a dedicated HR department but would like to receive some feedback on how to leverage their human resource. - Large client organisations in an ongoing consulting relationship with PLEY These large accounts will benefit from an on-line access to existing content in various fields already available from Planet’s internal knowledge management infrastructure. Further, we expect large clients to find value in “smart products” - which are essentially customised content - as a more cost- and time-effective alternative to regular consulting projects. Feedback already gathered during trials is very positive, nevertheless further market validation is required to verify the viability of this service. More information on the INKASS -project can be found at: