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Intelligent Knowledge Assets Sharing and Trading

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Knowledge trading

Knowledge exchange between various experts is a powerful driver of the information society. Knowledge trading is a method that integrates knowledge management with e-commerce functionalities.

Digital Economy

Knowledge management and e-commerce are now established business tools for many organisations. Knowledge management is used for improving internal processes within organisations, while e-commerce is used for trading over the Internet. The intersection of these two areas was the aim of the INKASS project. The INKASS (Intelligent Knowledge Assets Sharing and Trading) project, aimed at providing a robust system for knowledge trading at an inter-organisational level. Companies have their own knowledge resources essential for their customer support. The INKASS idea stems from an Internet-based marketplace of knowledge assets, targeted towards European SMEs and their knowledge needs in the areas of professional services for business management and engineering. More specifically, the INKASS system may guide companies to problem diagnosing and provide knowledgeable, timely, relevant and competent answers to their queries. Additionally, it provides option planning, allowing a company with no adequate resources to purchase solely the requisite consulting services rather than a complete, long-term and expensive consulting engagement. This is often necessary in Human Resource Management (HRM) Services, which are frequently outsourced due to lack of experience or a dedicated HR department. However, this choice carries the risk of allocating the service to a firm without a well-rounded HRM know-how. The INKASS knowledge assets can be useful to both SMEs, which are entering in the HR services as providers, and those who simply wish to leverage their human resource. A consulting relationship can be established on a more permanent basis, particularly with large client organisations. The modularity of the INKASS method and its customised content provides an attractive cost and time effective alternative to regular consulting projects. The future looks promising for the INKASS system, as indicated from feedback already gathered during trials.

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