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Content archived on 2024-05-18

MUltimedia Framework For INteroperability in Secure (MPEG-21) environments


The MUFFINS project addresses the problem of transparent improved delivery and use of reach-media resources across a wide range of networks and devices, by different categories of users in multiple application domains. It is clear that the ability to identify, find and deliver reach-media in a secure, discreet and reliable way, where appropriate return is guaranteed to the legal rights owner, is essential to the advancement of digital content usage world wide. Such solutions must be comprised of contributions from various disciplines, integrating content management, security tools, search engines, streaming and networking solutions and user applications. The MUFFINS project concentrates on identifying, definition, development and implementation of key components for such a solution. A demonstrator will be built, based on the integration of the components, demonstrating the validity of the proposed solution.

The key objective of the MUFFINS project is to investigate the problem of description, delivery and protection reach-media content, and propose a complete solution framework for sample scenarios of usage of that content. The scenarios will include the definition and search for the content, as well as the delivery and the related rights management handling. The MUFFINS project will:
- Carry out a comprehensive research in the domain of location, delivery and protection of multimedia content;
- Implement an integrated framework of multimedia retrieval, transport and consumption based on open standards;
- Demonstrate the use of cutting-edge multimedia technology to best serve the interests of both artists and consumers.
The MUFFINS project will set up an experimental model for the newly emerged MPEG-21 standard and other related standards.

Work description:
The project will be accomplished through three main phases; design, implementation and integration. The phases are overlapping. Prototypes will be implemented during the design phase, and integration will start with prototypes before completion of individual modules. The Design phase includes designing the specific modules the project consists of, concentrating on their APIs, relation to the MPEG-21 and other standards, and other elements that will prepare the modules for integration into the entire framework. This will be in parallel to the design of the overall framework. A central element of the design phase is the design of the "MUFFINS Online Store" - the integrated framework's front-end web site / portal. Use cases will be selected to demonstrate how the framework developed in the project can be used in real-life to achieve the ambitious MUFFINS vision.

The Development phase includes the implementation of the individual project modules. During the Integration phase, all the modules will be integrated into a unified platform and tests of the platform viability will be performed. The integration will focus on the use cases determined during the design phase. The project will exercise a two-fold approach. First each partner will take charge of one or more segments of the framework in which it has most expertise and will research and develop the best solution for that segment. The second step will be to integrate the segments and create the framework for the demonstration of the use cases. The overall framework will be demonstrated as the implementation of the selected use cases for assessment of the solution concept.

M6: Design reports and a demonstrator mock-up;
M10: 1st version of platform modules and Business models and standardization reports;
M15: Platform modules-Final;
M18: Demonstrator-Final, Business models and standardisation reports-Final. A major expected result of the project is an integrated framework for seamless delivery of content to various users over various networks, while protecting the owners' rights and experimentation with selected use cases.

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