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MUltimedia Framework For INteroperability in Secure (MPEG-21) environments

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For protected multimedia streaming

An EC funded project explored the description, delivery and protection of rich-media content along with the management of rights. Within this context, an MPEG-4/21 compliant player for protected content was extensively used showing an increased potential for future developments.

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The MUFFINS project focused on the delivery and exploitation of multimedia resources with increased transparency, across different networks and devices by different users in various applications. Towards this aim, the project investigated in detail the location, delivery and protection of multimedia content and implemented an integrated framework of multimedia retrieval, transport and consumption. The validity of the integrated solutions was also demonstrated with the aid of scenarios of content usage. Part of the project work included the Optibase 2D player, whose design was based on the MPEG-4 Systems Reference Software. The tool enables synthesis of 2D Binary Format for Scenes (BIFS) nodes as well as audio and video. Particularly, it supports MPEG4@ SP or MPEG4@ ASP video profiles and mono, stereo, and linear Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) audio streams. The player offers streaming across the network as well ashandling of multimedia files stored in the local computer. The player comprises an Intellectual Property Management and Protection (IPMP) plug-in that allows content decryption and communication with license management. Based on an open architecture, the player facilitates the integration of different tools. The player not only supports MPEG-4 playback, but it has been further developed in order to also comply with the MPEG-21 standard. This innovation is one of the pioneering attempts to employ the MPEG-21 standard in a fully functional media player. The advanced player has been exploited by Optibase for providing communication with server-side products under development or being marketed by the company. Collaborations are sought for further development of this player as a testing platform for future advances. Potential partners would be research institutions and departments working in the area of digital media with interest in the MPEG standard, especially those already work with in the MPEG committee and in other IST projects.

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