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Integrated e-Knowledge Services


The aim of the project Integrated e-Knowledge Services Network (i-Knows) is the development of a research roadmap for eKnowledge services and different application areas on a European scale. It is envisaged to provide strategic concepts for an integration of standards towards a uniform e-Learning framework and a harmonisation of eLearning Services. This will be driven by a focused change of the tradition "eKnowledge delivery chain" into a "self-improving, continuous eKnowledge closed loop". Innovative methods to protect, to access, to retrieve and to present knowledge via new Web-technologies and visualisation tools will be analysed and elaborated. The developed study, representing a roadmap will have strategic impact on the definition and structure of the future European research area (ERA) and suits as basis for further projects.

With the upcoming "e-Technologies", we are at the beginning of the transformation of the information society into a uniform "e-World". Internet technologies will be the basis of both learning and working in the future. The usage of Internet technologies in workplace-processes (knowledge-based working) as well as the forming of virtual communities are key technologies of this change. It is of special importance to provide dedicated human-machine interfaces for the useful and effective handling of the new technologies and media.
Concerning the application scenarios, traditional e-Learning will evolve towards e-Training (learning and training at the workplace, work-process integrated learning, lifelong qualification, training on demand and training on the job). Both aspects will form the second generation of e-Learning, the integration of e-Learning and e-Knowledge based working. Only this second generation of e-Learning will provide real "continuous lifelong learning & working". Currently, there already exist a variety of high quality solutions in the areas of e-Learning technology and content. Nevertheless, the current state of the art is dominated by isolated solutions. An appropriate effort has to be undertaken in order to bring these solutions together, to develop and deliver e-Knowledge services in an integrated fashion.
i-KnowS defines a research roadmap in the area of e-Learning and e-Knowledge services. The i-KnowS roadmap will be a step towards the integration and harmonization of existing e-Learning concepts, technologies and standards on a European scale.


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