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Management tool for the assessment of driveline technologies and research


In the running CEU Collaboration Programme on EV's, a working group has come into being, consisting of organisations with a long-standing experience in vehicle testing and with a vast knowledge of electric and hybrid vehicles. This group can be of great importance for the Task Force Car of Tomorrow, for national and local authorities, and for the European automobile industry. The latter will be invited to cooperate as the results of this progrmme could give it an extra advantage in the world-wide competition, especially if industrial organisations like EUCAR are enlisted in the activities. In this group authoritive organisations participate with experiences on databases and computer models, on testing vehicles, on user behaviour, on decision support systems and on dissemination of information. All organisations have experience in international cooperation.
The main objective of the proposed programme is:

to enable the CEU to assess the technical aspects and implications of conventional and nonconventional drivelines to:
- to keep itself informed on the state of the art of drivelines of conventional, electric and hybrid drivelines for road vehicles as well as on vehicle design and construction developments aimed at reducing energy consumption and emissions;
- to monitor progress of research and development activities by research institutes and OEMs;
- to identify promising technologies and key areas for long-term technology developments;
- to assess readiness of technologies for short-term marketing introduction; - improve European industry competitiveness through cross-correlation of European, American and Japanese technology methods.

The sub-objectives of the programmes are:

I) to make available test information on conventional and non-conventional drivelines;
2) to propose adequate testing methods for evaluation and comparison of road vehicles;
3) to provide an instrument to assess the technical aspects and the implications of drivelines under European and non-European operating conditions;
4) the development of a decision support system;
5) to draft recommendations for focussing public and industrial marketing initiatives;
6) to establish a group of persons/organisations with expertise in the field of testing and evaluating drivelines, that can act as a sounding board for the Task Force Car of Tomorrow. This group will evaluate the methods and the results of the proposed programme;
7) to disseminate the results of the programme to the CEU and to a wide pan-european clientele.

The proposed work consists of:
1) evaluation and extension of the existing database,
2) research on adequate testing methods for alternative drivelines, 3) assessment studies,
4) development of a Decision Support System,
5)development of realistic marketing strategies,
6) dissemination.

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