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A feasibility study to develop local and regional use of wind energy on the Kola Peninsula, Murmansk region, Russia

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Exploitable results

The findings can be summarised as: -The wind resource in general is found to be good. -A need for wind energy as a source of electricity has been identified. -At off grid communities with adequate wind resources dependent on diesel generator sets. -At grid connected communities with unsatisfactory electricity supply and communities with a high (electric) load. -It is technically feasible to implement wind energy technology with regard to these needs. -As well federal, regional as local administrations are interested in wind energy as a strategic safe and sustainable option. The administrations need sound arguments to give on wind energy deployment a high priority. -The interest in wind energy of the Kolenergo is marginal, due to the present economical/financial framework for the energy sector, and due to the lack of knowledge of modern wind energy technology. Independent power producers (IPP) are at present not a realistic option. Thus no technology carrier or vehicle for sustainable deployment of wind energy technology have been identified. -Local finance on commercial basis is not viable for wind energy investments. External expert assistance is necessary to interest international investors. -Local industry is basically interested in wind energy technology as a new business area, but no industry with immediate technical and financial capacity has been identified. Long term collaboration with foreign companies is needed for technology transfer. -Demonstration of wind energy can only be recommended if a suitable technology carrier or vehicle for sustainable deployment of wind energy technology can be established. At present this will require a political-administrative initiative.