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Catalytic upgrading of gas from biofuels and implementation of electricity production



The project has two main objectives. The first is to develop catalysts and catalytic processes suitable for gas cleaning in gasification of biofuels in electricity and heat producing
units. The second is to implement a complete biofueled 100KWt power generating system. Issues that will be adressed by
basic research include factors influencing activity of
different catalysts for elimination of tar, search for new
catalysts and optimal use of known and new catalysts.

Technical Approach

From the European perspective it is desirable to implement
biofueled systems for production of heat and electricity in
the size range 100-5000kWe. For this intermediate size range there is a lack of technology for reliable and efficient
systems. Extensive development activities for larger scale
electricity production have been in progress for some years, using IGCC systems. For systems smaller than 5MWe, at least with present gas turbine technology, engines seem to be as
efficient and more economic than IGCC. Efficient cleaning of fuel gas produced from biomass will be a key issue in
development of both these technologies. The technology
development for gas cleaning, with emphasis on intermediate
size systems, will be approached by a combination of basic and applied research and process development. Basic research at laboratory scale will be devoted to definition of optimal
conditions for known catalysts based on deep understanding of their catalytic function, to application of existing catalysts developed for other purposes, and to development of new
catalysts. Different pilot plants and bench-scale units which have separate reactors for catalytic upgrading of the gas will be used in process development tests. One of these systems, which will be constructed within the project, will be a
complete system including an engine and a generator.

Expected Achievements and Exploitation

Outputs of this project will be:
- New and/or improved catalysts for elimination of tar in
biomass gasification processes.
- Improved tools for reactor design, based on reactor model development and using created reaction rate models for
different catalysts.
- An evaluation of catalysts for different process solutions. - A broadened basis for further catalyst development, due to new insights into rate determining factors and poisoning
effects in catalytic tar elimination.
- Design, construction and testing of a 100 kWe unit.

Improved technology for catalytic treatment, which circumvents dust and coke formation problems and poisoning effects as well as deficient mechanical properties of catalysts will be beneficial to small and intermediate scale gasifier systems. Successful
development will facilitate compact designs of systems for clean gas generation. European process developing companies and catalyst manufacturers will benefit from successful research results.

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