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Improvement of wind farm output power quality using advanced static VAr compensators


The main objective of the project is to investigate how the power quality of the electrical output of wind farms may be improved by the use of Advanced Static VAr Compensators utilising Gate Turn Off Thyristor Technology. STATCOM can be used to provide reactive power with sufficient rapid control to eliminate any possibility of self-excitation and the associated hazards. R&D on novel
electrical equipment will be combined with its application to increase the penetration of wind energy in the EU. The purpose is to develop and investigate the use of STATCOM by field testing an 8-Mvar unit at the 24 MW Rejsby Hede Wind Farm in Denmark. A further objective is to investigate how the same STATCOM may be used for dynamic control of network voltage and thus to increase the size of wind farms which may be connected to existing weak electrical distribution networks without any need for network upgrading.
Technical Approach
Initially network studies for the wind farm site will be carried out by Siemens in order to find out how GTO- thyristor-based STATCOMs may be developed and applied for the 24 MW wind farm at Rejsby Hede. The network studies include harmonic analyses, load flow calculations and transient simulations. The final design of the compensator, its characteristics and control system will be determined. Thereafter an 8-Mvar STATCOM will be constructed and factory tested and installed at the site. It will be site tested before a one-year trial period during which its performance and behaviour will be intensively investigated and monitored. How STATCOMs may be used to increase the capacity of weak rural
distribution networks to accept wind generated electricity will be investigated.
Expected Achievements and Exploitation
The utilisation of wind energy in the EU is often limited by the ability of the local distribution network to accept the output of wind farms.
The STATCOM is one of the emerging family of FACTS (Flexible A.C. Transmission System) controllers, which allow improved
utilisation of the power network. STATCOM will allow wind farms to generate at unity power factors, thus reducing voltage drops and reducing electrical losses in the network without the
possibility of transient overvoltages at islanding due to self excitation, and wind generators. Moreover, STATCOM equipment with different control philosophy, can be used to control the network voltage, which will fluctuate in response to the wind farm output if the distribution network is weak. The successful
implementation of the STATCOM will allow increased utilisation of existing electrical infrastructures in rural areas of the EU. The project results will be published via a workshop organized for European electricity utilities, wind farm operators and wind turbine manufacturers, universities and research organizations.

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