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Improvement of wind farm output power quality using advanced static VAr compensators


The project successfully installed and commissioned an 8 MVAr Gross Total Output (GTO) based Advanced Static VAr Compensator (ASVC) at the Rejsby Hede wind farm. This was the first application in the world of an ASVC used to improve the power quality of a large renewable energy generation plant. The subsequent operating experience demonstrated that the ASVC was able dynamically to maintain the power factor of the wind farm at close to unity over a wide range of wind farm output power. The converter had a satisfactory harmonic performance although considerable studies were required at the design stage in order to achieve this. A comprehensive monitoring system was designed, constructed and installed at the wind farm and a large data set obtained for future analysis. Various system studies were carried out to investigate the use of ASVCs on other wind farm sites, particularly those with a low short circuit level relative to the wind farm capacity. It was shown that, in a number of situations, an ASVC is likely to be of significant benefit in improving various aspects of power quality. In summary it may be concluded that the project was successful in developing and applying novel power electronic technology to a renewable energy system and that the research which has been completed will allow similar schemes to be implemented in the future.