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Design, realization,tests, comparative analysis of low electric consumption PV cooling systems

Resultado final

The aim of this project is to determine low electric consumption cooling systems well adapted for photovoltaic and for application in developing the Mediterranean countries. The performance (coefficient of performance: COP) in sensible heat, quite high for these systems (6 to 10) in application with a 220VAC, should reach a COP value of about 20. Different systems have to be studied: Night ventilation and essentially evaporative air-cooler, earth tube system (buried pipes). This project allows for analysis and comparison. Results: All partners have contributed towards developing two different, direct evaporative air cooler prototypes with rotary and vertical pads and a buried-pipes prototype supplied with Photovoltaic (PV) energy. These prototypes have been designed to run with solar energy thanks to an impedance adapter. The photovoltaic system sized by the partner APEX in collaboration with COSTIC, based on the design information provided by the University of Athens, coupled with the fans specifically designed for the needs of the current project by the partner ALPES FROID, showed a reliable and robust behaviour throughout the experimental period. No failures were observed and the system operated without any interruptions. In laboratory and in real conditions, tests results were conclusive. They showed that the prototypes had reached the wanted objectives.