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Content archived on 2024-04-30

Development of novel fixed-bed gasification methods for biomass residues and agrobiofuels


The objective of this proposal is to show that fixed-bed gasifiers can be designed to operate reliably with realistically available woody residues and energy crops. The second objective is to find suitable markets where the local conditions are favorable for economically competitive small-scale power and heat production based on this technology.
A new type of cocurrent gasifier suitable to low-density biofuels without densification will be developed as well as methods for avoiding ash sintering problems in commercial downdraft and updraft reactors will be tested in pilot and commercial scale plants. In addition, a new type of catalytic tar decomposing method will be developed and tested in a pilot scale. The project will be carried out is close cooperation with two (Finnish and Swedish) manufacturing companies who both are SMEs, one Italian engineering company specialized in agro energy, one farmers corporate from Italy and a large research organization from Finland.
The Work Packages of the project are the following:
a) Development and pilot-scale testing of the novel fixed-bed gasifier and the secondary catalytic reactor,
b) Tests and optimization of the performance of a standard downdraft gasifier with a range of biofuels,
c) Supporting laboratory tests to study the effectiveness of potential additive on the ash sintering tendency,
d) Tests with Italian biofuels at a commercial Bioneer-type updraft gasifier, e) Evaluation of the feasibility and environmental effects of different small-scale energy production systems based on fixed-bed gasification technologies.

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