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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Consequences of decentralized PV on local network management


In summer during the hours around noon the solar input on a ground surface may be around 10 times greater than the yearly mean of 100 Watt/m2. This means that a photovoltaic (PV) power installation furnishing only 10 percent of the total load for the year would produce all the electricity needed during the hours of full daylight. Therefore, even if only a small part of the yearly electricity is produced by grid coupled photovoltaics, fluctuations of the solar input will strongly influence photovoltaic electricity production. This project, therefore, aims at a better knowledge of the time dependence of regionally available solar input.

In this project the regional dynamics of solar power and their implications
for network management of a local or regional utility will be studied. The project is partially based on former studies performed for the European Community, and will comprise :
(1) Evaluation with respect to solar dynamics of data collected in a former EC financed measuring campaign "European Solar Microclimates". In this former project global solar energy was measured during 1.5 years in 10 min intervals at 10 locations in 8 European regions, among them Saarbrücken (Germany) and Edinburgh (UK).

(2) Measurements of global solar energy in short time intervals (e.g. 30 sec) to get the time dependent regionally distributed solar energy. In Saarbrücken a network of ca. 10 fixed stations is operated for systematic monitoring, in Edinburgh 2 mobile stations are used and radiation measurements on inclined planes are included.

(3) Evaluation of the statistical properties of the solar dynamics in a region. Development and control of methods for real time estimation and for short time forecasting of the regionally averaged solar input as a function of time (="Regional Function"). Space-time correlations of solar data. Consequences on network management and/or load switching.

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