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Design of a low voltage DC domestic system for component testing


The objectives of this project are to compile detailed guidelines for the design and construction of highly efficient low voltage DC domestic systems powered by Photovoltaic and wind energy. These guidelines will be applied to the design of a domestic application incorporating component testing facilities.

The project team successfully tested a wide range of DC components, compiled guidelines for standard tests and completed the catalogue and handbook. The investigations identified significant differences between declared and measured performance of some commercial components, as well as remarkable design deficiencies and consequent user dissatisfaction for some components and systems. A number of problems were identified on the demand side, in which lighting, televisions, pumps and refrigerators were analysed in detail. The researchers suggested possible areas for improvement. These included independent testing of components to ensure accuracy and reliability of manufacturers' data, continued performance monitoring, and training of system designers and installers to ensure matching of energy demands with supply.
There are essentially four main goals in the project :

(1) Develop specifications for testing of components.

(2) Compile a catalogue of low voltage domestic DC components currently available on the market.

(3) Provide guidelines for the selection and application of components in low voltage DC systems.

(4) Specify the design of a low voltage DC domestic system for component testing.

The project is being undertaken at a European level because there are few suppliers of low voltage components in Ireland and secondly, the main applications of low voltage PV/wind systems are in remote isolated areas in Spain, Italy and Greece.

Expected Results :

(1) A catalogue of suppliers and distributors of low voltage domestic DC components.

(2) Specifications of test procedures for the testing of components.
(3) Guidelines for the selection and application of components in low voltage DC systems.

(4) Detailed design criteria for a practical low voltage DC domestic system.

(5) A handbook on low voltage DC system design.

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