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Dynamic loads in wind farms II


This project is a successor to Dynamic Loads in Wind Farms I, which was undertaken under the Joule I framework.

The objectives of the project are:
- To provide draft guidelines for the loading and response of wind turbines ope in simple terrain.
- To take the first step in investigating the behaviour of wind turbines in semi-complex, undulating terrain and in complex terrain.
- To identify the differences in loading experienced by machines in different types of terrain and lay the foundations for the development of guidelines for the design loads in wind farms in general.

That project has now come to a satisfactory conclusion and has highlighted several areas which require future work : guidelines for the design of wind farms in simple terrain, better understanding of multiple wakes, preliminary investigation of wind turbines in complex terrain. The project aims to tackle all three of these issues by collaborative work undertaken by Dutch, British, Greek and Swedish partners. This collaboration offers a wide range of conditions and machines and a high quality of monitoring systems. The full scale measurements will be complemented by the re-analysis of detailed wind tunnel measurements undertaken under previous British projects. The measured data will be analysed and used to improve our predictive methods for assessing the performance of wind turbines operating in wind farms in different terrain.

The project addresses a European-wide problem, using a European-wide team. Each member has specialist knowledge and access to an instrumented wind farm.

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