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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Integrated structural imaging of seismic data

Exploitable results

Detailed modelling of the geometry andthe properties of sub-surface reservoirswere undertaken as a means of improv-ingthe efficiency of oil and gas pro-duction.This involved the generationof quantitative data on the distribu-tionof relevant rock properties; studyof the interaction between rock propertiesand fluid flow; the scaling up ofsmall-scale variability; and the utili-sationof production history in formalmethods to improve the accuracy ofreservoir description. A significant con-tributionwas made towards techniquesfor achieving more effective economicextraction from hydrocarbon reserves,and many of the models developed arebeing applied commercially by the part-ners.
Models of the formation and structureof sedimentary basins were developedand validated with field and seismicdata from European basins. This majormultidisciplinary scientific project contributed to a much better knowledgeof the formation and evolution of European sedimentary basins. Undertakenin close co-operation with European oil companies, the work has provided thebasis for a new generation of predictivemodels for petroleum exploration.European expertise in this field has been strengthened significantly, and the work continues in a dedicated European
Algorithms for obtaining good qualityimages in complex subsurface environ-ments were developed and validated against real 3D datasets. The results should contribute to improved productivityin the oil exploration process,and have been widely disseminated amongst geologists and geophysicistsworking in the oil industry. Furtherwork, aimed at improving and validatingthe algorithms, is being undertaken by the oil companies concerned.
The Geoscience II project was con-cerned with new methodologies foranalysing seismic data in order tomodel petroleum reservoirs. This in-volvedthe two linked processes of generatingsynthetic seismic data from anearlier model and "inverting" observed seismic data to produce a new model.The research provided a significant contribution to the knowledge base of seismic modelling and inversion, and as a consequence new modelling prod-uctshave been successfully commercialized.

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