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10 kW demonstration of pilot stack technology for Direct Internal Reforming Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell (DIR-MCFC) power plants

Exploitable results

The project aimed to develop the technology for a direct internal reforming (DIR) molten carbonate fuel cell (MCFC) power plants, to enable electricity production and co-generation. The technology had to be demonstrated in a 10 kW stack, scaled-up from a proven 1 kW unit. The results of the project would enable proper specifications for DIR-MCFC power plants in the sub-MW range to be achieved, and their efficiency, operating procedures and operational lifetime to be realistically estimated. MCFCs normally require a supply of hydrogen. This is typically obtained from steam reforming of natural gas to produce electricity at high temperatures. The steam-reforming process is performed internally within the fuel cell and waste heat can also be re-used to convert natural gas into hydrogen. This produces large cost reductions and improvements in the overall efficiency of the MCFC. p