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Development and testing of a high-temperature, high-pressure regenerative and continuous desulphurisation process for integrated gasification combined-cycle concepts


Gasification based combined cycle processes are being developed throughout Europe to meet energy requirements through environmentally acceptable use of fossil fuels. Typical combined cycles can increase the efficiency of power generation by 20% or more compared with conventional coal fired power stations, whilst reducing emissions of acid and greenhouse gases substantially.

The objective of this project is to develop and test a high-temperature, high-pressure regenerative and continuous desulphurisation process as a major component of a complete system for Hot Gas Cleanup of fuel gas from either an air-blown or oxygen-blown gasifier in integrated gasification combined cycle concepts.

It is aiming at the development of a complete desulphurisation process based on supported sorbents. Five tasks are foreseen:
1. Sorbent research:
Development of new and improvement of existing sorbent-concepts and regeneration procedures, enabling direct production of elemental sulphur. 2. Scale-up of sorbent preparation methods and reproducible kilogramme-scale production.
3. Bench-scale fluidised bed testing bench-scale experimental verification at atmospheric and high pressures (simulated and realistic fuel gas) of the applicability of sorbents in fluidised bed reactors (bubbling (BFB), turbulent (TFB), circulating (CFB)) and validation of reactor models. 4. Modelling and investigation of improved reactor concepts: development of steady-state computer models of BFB,TFB and CFB reactors, applied as an absorber or regenerator in a high-temperature fuel gas desulphurisation process. In addition, it includes the development of a steady-state model of the integrated process, i.e. a combination of the reactor models for the absorber and the regenerator. Various experiments will be conducted to support the model development for TFB and CFB.
5. Process evaluation and pilot plant design:
i) integration of absorber, regenerator and sorbent concepts into full-scale designs,
ii) optimisation as an interated part of a complete Hot Gas Cleanup process,
iii) determination of the efficiency of a IGCC-plant with Hot Gas Cleanup and comparison with conventional systems,
iv) economical evaluation of different conceptual process design(s), v) environmental assessment and safety aspects, and
vi) pilot- plant basic design and cost estimation of a pilot-plant experimental programme, necessary for demonstration and testing the integrated desulphurisation process.

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