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Integrated development on engine assessment on environment friendly fuel efficient combustion technology

Exploitable results

Basic research was conducted on fundamental phenomena for the design of gasoline and diesel engines, such as fuel injection mixture formation, turbulent combustion and pollutant formation. The end result was a three-dimensional numerical computer code, which enabled the simulation of in-cylinder combustion processes aimed at reducing fuel consumption and pollutant formation. The computer code represents a major investigative tool for engine design that is being developed further by the partners and will eventually be commercialised. While extensive research into combustion is currently being undertaken, many important aspects still remain to be addressed. This project aimed to apply an existing computer model, called SPEED, to develop an integrated model of fuel injection for gasoline and diesel engines. The code was applied to the modelling of real engine geometry, covering all combustion processes right through to pollutant formation. The approach will enable more efficient engine designs and thus conserve energy resources and reduce emissions. Through the involvement of six European partners and twenty sub-contractors, the project will enable European industry to maintain its leadership of world gasoline and diesel engine technology.

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