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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Innovative rehabilitation of the old central market of Athens

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Providing the public with examples of how renewable energy can be used in everyday life has often been difficult. Plans to transform the Central Market of Athens are a good way to expose the public to the benefits of energy conservation. Technologies to reduce the building's energy consumption and to improve the use of natural ventilation and daylight have been considered and modelled. Before contemplating making major architectural changes to market, much research was necessary. The meteorological data for Athens were studied closely. The building was measured rigorously on-site and architectural drawings were completed for the scaling model of the new energy saving design. Thermal and daylight simulations were carried out using TRN-SYS, ESP-r and RADIANCE which are three computer modelling tools. Computerized architectural models and many laboratory tests were used to evaluate the possible concepts. The type, shape and quality of the proposed building, as well as the insulation and shading were considered in making a basic shell model of the improved building. This model scaled in the ratio 1:50. The renovation proposal studied in the model incorporates various passive and active technologies to store thermal energy and maximize the use of natural light and ventilation. In particular, the following elements were incorporated into the building. The four symmetrical towers were used as air chimneys to supply and extract air from the market. Air filters reduce air pollution and heat recovery units recover wasted heat. Glazing in the roof increases daylight and reduces solar gains in the summer. The lighting saving is estimated at 140 MWh per year.

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